Name Léanne - Meaning and origin

Name Léanne - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Hebrews, Latin

Meaning of the name:

Leanne results from the combination of Leah and Anne, meaning "lion" and "grace". The name Leanne symbolizes strength and courage.


Leanne Bourgeois is a professional gymnast who was among the finalists of the 2015 French Championship.
Leanne Meloche is a character created by Fabienne Larouche in the Canadian series 30 Lives.
Léane Labrèche is the daughter of Canadian animator Marc Labrèche.
The Leanne are under the protection of St. Anne, the mother of Mary (the grandmother of Jesus), and Saint Lea, the superior of the monastery of Ostia.

His character :

Nobody of character, courage and will, Léanne is distinguished by its determination to achieve its objectives. This adventurer hates routine and monotony. She is continually looking for a project that will animate it. Seductive from a very young age, she is tender and affectionate, but above all she wants her independence.


Léa, Léone, Léonie, Leontine, Leonilda and Lionelle.

His party :

The Léanne are in the spotlight on March 22nd and July 26th.

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