Name Josué - Meaning and origin

Name Josué - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

From Hebrew "yeshua", this first name means "Yahweh saves! ". In the Bible, Joshua was designated by Moses as his successor to guide the Jewish people to the promised land.


Costa Rican footballer Josué Martinez, Ivorian poet and novelist Josué Guébo (President of the Writers' Association of Côte d'Ivoire), French geologist and paleontologist Josué Hoffet, Haitian disabled athlete Josué Cajuste, Argentine cyclist Josué Enzo Moyano, the Brazilian footballer Josué Anunciado de Oliveira ...

According to the Bible, Joshua succeeded Moses in the conquest of the promised land. He was at the origin of the capture of Jericho and established the twelve tribes of Israel in Canaan.

His character :

His sympathy and good manners make Joshua a pleasant person to live. Very sociable, he likes human contact and does not hesitate to take advantage of every opportunity to make new friends.

In the professional world, he is surprisingly vigorous and full of willpower. Far from him laziness, because Joshua is an indefatigable being. Aside from being always in good shape, he also knows how to get out of crisis situations. This is the kind of person who does not give up easily. Businessman, Joshua knows how to seize the interesting opportunities.

However, he can show a great egocentricity, acting only by interest. He cares little about the rules of morality. Moreover, he does not hesitate to use his charm and his sense of diplomacy to encourage others to adhere to his opinions.


Joshua, Joshua, Josiah.

His party :

The people named "Joshua" are honored on September 1st.

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