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Humphrey's Christmas parrot

Humphrey's Christmas parrot

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In the jungle, it looked like all the trees were decorated for Christmas. A brutal downpour had left in the branches drops of rain that shone under the returned sun.

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  • Humphrey the little parrot was thinking only of one thing: was he going to receive the gift requested in the letter he sent to Santa Claus?
  • It seemed to him that this gift could change his life. "I'm a loser!" He whined perched on his branch, with drops falling on the crest, "a loser! I'm fed up in the end! end! "
  • But why was Humphrey complaining all the time?
  • Well on Wednesday, he found his friends in the jungle. Between them, it was agreed that everyone, in turn, proposed a game to which they were all required to participate.
  • Once, it was up to Leon the chameleon to choose. He had arranged for them to rendezvous on the small beach nestled in an arm of the river. With a mischievous little smile, he announced the color: - We play hide-and-seek!
  • Obviously, hide-and-seek, it was Leon the chameleon who had beaten them all! In the end, Humphrey protested.- It's cheating! - Not at all! protested Leon.

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