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A video game to protect children from the Internet

A video game to protect children from the Internet

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Action Innocence offers an interactive prevention video game for children. It aims to teach them the safe use of the Internet.

  • Children are getting more more easily to the Internet, but do not always know how to use it safely. That's why Action Innocence is launching an online video game to help 9-12 year olds understand the potential dangers of the Web.
  • Children are invited to ask the right questions each time they log in:
  • Information received by mail are they reliable?
  • How to protect your personal data?
  • How to react to shocking content?
  • How to react if someone on the Internet proposes an appointment?
  • This interactive game,, offers young Internet users the opportunity to acquire the basic rules to protect themselves. On Netcity, the game time is controlled. This online game offers different levels in which a risk is addressed with its message of prevention. Children learn how to react and protect themselves.

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How to protect children from the dangers of the Internet? Find our file.