An original pregnancy announcement

An original pregnancy announcement

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Hill, ski slope, desert island, golf course ... A future dad, Simon Schaffrath decided to make photos for the least original with the belly of his companion, soon mother of a little Theodor. A source of inspiration…

We already knew the belly painting ... There, the future daddy is even stronger! Using materials (non-toxic) and small accessories, Simon Schaffrath decorated the belly of his wife and then retouched the photos in Photoshop. Let's face it, the result is bluffing! These original photos are meant to decorate the nursery ...

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An original pregnancy announcement (8 photos)

Belly art Simon Schaffrath

And here is the belly of the future mother turned into a hill ...

Belly art Simon Schaffrath

An ideal ski slope ... From time to time, Theodor showed up in the belly of his mother, causing some cracks in the dough in the decor that the dad had to repair.

Belly art Simon Schaffrath

A nice tribute to baby ...

Belly art Simon Schaffrath

An island not so deserted in fact ...

Belly art Simon Schaffrath

A beach waiting for its small occupant ... impatiently

Belly art Simon Schaffrath

An incredible golf course ...

Belly art Simon Schaffrath

A technique that requires fingering

Belly art Simon Schaffrath

We introduce you to future parents ...


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