Names Jeffrey - Meaning and Origin

Names Jeffrey - Meaning and Origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Jeffrey is a derivative of Godefroy. It is composed of the Germanic words "Gaut" which means "God" and "frid", which means "peace". This first name means "the peace of God".


Jeffrey Edward Epstein is a financier of American origin.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an American actor.
Jeffrey Howard Archer, Baron Archer of Weston-super-Mare is a British writer and a former politician.
Jeffrey Zeldman is a speaker and author specializing in web design.
Jeffrey Ross Lifschultz, better known as Jeff Ross, is a comedian, actor, director and American author.

The Jeffrey are celebrated the same day as Saint Geoffroy. Known as Geoffroy d'Amiens or Godefroy, he was a French priest and abbot of the Abbey of Nogent-sous-Coucy. In 1104, he was appointed bishop of Amiens during the Council of Troyes.

His character :

At first glance, Jeffrey seems to be a rather reserved boy. In reality, he is sociable and pleasant. Despite his sensitive and emotional side, he controls his emotions perfectly. Jeffrey has a quick wit, able to quickly understand everything that is explained to him. Demonstrating know-how and great adaptability, he has a great sense of humor and verbal jousting is not displeasing to him. B


Geffrey, Geoffrey, Geoffrey, Geoffrey, Godeffroy, Jauffre, Jaufret, Jeff, Jefferson, Jeoffrey, Jeoffroy, Joffrey and Joffroy.

His party :

The Jeffrey are celebrated on November 8th.

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