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Baby's toilet: how to do it

Baby's toilet: how to do it

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For your baby, nothing beats a bath in the evening for a good night's sleep and small morning baths to get well into the day. Face, nose, ears, nails ... discover the good gestures in video.

The face

  • Gather all the necessary equipment for your baby's toilet. Comfortably place your baby on his changing table.
  • Put a cotton pad soaked in warm water on your baby's face, a gentle, refreshing gesture that your toddler will appreciate.

A clear nose

  • Even though the small nostrils often push back the phlegm, the small dry crusts at the entrance of the nostrils can interfere with your baby's breathing. Roll a piece of cotton between your fingers to form a wick. Soak with saline. Introduce it at the base of the nostril, without pushing it down. And turn it by removing it to take off the small foreign bodies. A second wick for the other nostril and it's over.


  • Especially no cotton swab to clean your baby's ears. Use a compress soaked in lukewarm water or saline solution. Pass the cotton first behind the ear to remove traces of perspiration, then on the front of the flag to clean any traces of earwax. There is no question of cleaning the ear canal, it may repel the wax inside and cause a plug.


  • If your baby's nails are well off the tips of your fingers, you can cut them safely. With one hand, hold your baby's fingers firmly, tense and well apart. With the other hand, cut the nails of your baby following the roundness of the finger. For toenails, the gesture is the same. Prefer to cut them squared to avoid them incarnating by pushing back.

The hair

  • To stimulate your baby's scalp, brush your baby's hair in all directions with gentle pressure on the baby's head. use for this a brush bristles flexible but quality. This light massage will give your baby healthy skin and nice hair.


  • Nothing like a little care sweet to finish in beauty. Spend some special baby moisturizer on her face. His little cheeks are sometimes a little dry and this gesture will make him a real peach skin.

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