Maternity stay: enjoy it thoroughly

Maternity stay: enjoy it thoroughly

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On average, you will stay three days in maternity. It's very short to get to know your baby, to ask questions that concern you. And, above all, rest!

What is the length of stay at the maternity ward?

  • Duration is 3-4 days for vaginal delivery and 5-6 days for caesarean section.
  • For twins, the duration is 5 days minimum for a vaginal delivery and 7 to 8 days for cesarean section.
  • In case of premature delivery, the duration is 10 days of hospitalization for the mother and her baby.
  • The duration is calculated from the day after birth. It is the same as you give birth in the public or private, but it will be easier to negotiate an extension if you wish by giving birth in a private structure.
  • Today, with the introduction of the Prado, it is possible to return earlier being followed by a midwife for mothers who have given birth and have not met any complications during pregnancy or childbirth.
  • Maternity stays are getting shorter and shorter. It is desirable to take advantage of this period so that your return home is carried out in serenity.

Rest: Make it your priority!

  • Returning home with a baby is always a time of great excitement, especially if you have seniors! Before facing the nights of fragmented sleep and regaining your busy schedule, enjoy these few days of intimacy with your toddler to get to know him and to rest to the fullest.

Who can help you?

  • At the maternity ward, you have help, enjoy it. There is no shame in asking your baby to sleep in the nursery if you need to recover. In some structures, this night guard is systematic, while in others, it is almost begging to win. Sometimes it all depends on the kindness of the nurse on duty, the number of children, etc. Insist and, if necessary, get your dad to help you.
  • If you chose to breastfeed, ask that you wake up during the night to avoid disrupting breastfeeding. If you give the bottle, the nursery helpers will do it for you to allow you, one last time before a few months, to go around the dial.

Council +

The priority is you and your newborn. It is desirable to limit visits to intimacys, especially if your stay is very short. The rooms are small, the atmosphere overheated ... Receiving his office colleagues, even the most fun, between an episiotomy care and a breast, is a difficult experience.

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