Name Jamie - Meaning of the Name

Name Jamie - Meaning of the Name

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Meaning of the name:

The name Jamie is a variant of James, a duplicate of the Hebrew name Jacob. In the Hebrew language, this first name means "heel". It's a mixed first name.


Jamie Cullum, British-born songwriter, pianist and jazz singer, Jamie Foxx, actor, comedian and American-born musician, Jamie Bell, British actor, British actor Jamie Sives.
The Jamie are celebrated at the same time as Jacques d'Alphée. James of Alpheus was one of Jesus' disciples. He is also called James the Minor, in opposition to James the Greater, the older brother of the Apostle John.

His character :

Jamie is an introverted and secretive boy. This attitude is due to the fact that he is afraid of the outside world and that he does everything to preserve it. He will need your boost to get out of his shell. From childhood, he is very selective in the choice of his associates and likes to be alone. Although of solitary nature, he likes to help others to the extent of his abilities.


Jacob, Jacques, James, Jaime, Jim and Jimmy.

His party :

The Jaime are celebrated on May 3rd.

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