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Back to CP: Senses at maturity

Back to CP: Senses at maturity

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No more kindergarten! Here is for your schoolboy time for great learning and openness to others. CP is a promising year!

  • Your child is taking an important physiological step: his senses, especially his eyesight, mature. Its brain development is almost complete, so your little student is less tired when you seek his attention.

CP: Goodbye Oedipus, hi friends!

  • After the normal step of solving the Oedipus complex, around age 6, your child knows that he will not marry one of his parents, and finds that he can leave you without feeling torn apart. He knows better who he is.
  • Calm and serenity having returned (unconsciously), it can devote itself to great learning: reading and writing. It opens to friends, it can even put in their place and make some concessions to cohabit with them at school.

CP: how to accompany it?

  • Even if he has changed schools, or if the teacher asks him for more effort, he does not necessarily see this back to CP like a shock: from the pedagogical point of view, this class is designed to be in continuity with the big section, and it is so proud to be at the big!
  • What could destabilize him? Your anxiety! So, show yourself zen.
  • To learn serenely, he needs coherence. In particular, to feel that you, his parents, are in solidarity with his mistress, that you are holding the same speech. If the teaching methods disarm you and if there is a problem with your teacher, ask her and avoid negative sentences in front of your child.

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