What is possible to ask a midwife?

What is possible to ask a midwife?

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Prescription of drugs, work stoppage, declaration of pregnancy ... are you well aware of the skills of your midwife?

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I can ask a midwife to follow me from the beginning to the end of my pregnancy

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If and only if it is a liberal midwife who follows you. In this case, it is you who will have chosen it and it may, in the same way as a gynecologist, perform all examinations of your pregnancy if it is uncomplicated. So that she can give you birth, two conditions: that you give birth to your baby at your home or that your maternity provides a technical platform open to the liberal midwives. However, if you opt for a "classic" maternity, you will be taken in hand by a midwife on duty that day. "Your midwife" can take over from you back home, for your postnatal follow-up.