What do you know about its growth?

What do you know about its growth?

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Between 5 and 11 years old, your child grows up quietly but surely! There is nothing in common between the physical appearance of the kindergarten toddler and the pre-teenager entering the sixth year ... What's going on in his body during this long period? Check your knowledge with this quiz. You will be unbeatable on the subject!

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How is his brain evolving?

Since the age of 2, his brain is finished: all connections between neurons are established. Between 6 and 12 years old, his brain continues to grow, connections multiply, gray matter thickens.


Between 6 and 12 years, your child's brain continues to "grow". He embarks on a big connection project. This is a true neuronal profusion. Each nerve cell binds with dozens of others, creating new ways of transmitting nerve impulses. This thickening of the gray matter - the neurons and their extensions that allow them to connect with each other - reaches its maximum point at age 11 in girls, and 12 and a half years in boys. This is the blessed period of learning!