What do you know about the return of diapers?

What do you know about the return of diapers?

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When your pregnancy starts, your menstrual cycle has stopped and your periods have stopped temporarily. After giving birth, your body resumes its rhythm: your cycles will restart and your rules come back: it is the return of layers. But are you well on the point?

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When does the return of diapers occur?

Immediately after delivery. A few weeks after delivery.


If you are not breastfeeding, diapers return between four and eight weeks after delivery, which varies from woman to woman depending on the regularity cycles before pregnancy. This delay allows the uterus to heal and retract, as well as your body to resynchronize: if you do not breastfeed, the fall of prolactin - hormone that promotes the rise of milk and maintenance of lactation - will allow the progressive recovery of secretions of gonadotropins, hormone from the thyroid gland, and the ovarian cycle will resume.