What do you know about the placenta?

What do you know about the placenta?

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Nourental and protective link, the placenta ensures for nine months the exchanges with your future baby ... before giving way to you. How is it setting up? What is it exactly for? Can it pose a risk to delivery? To find the answer to all these questions, take our quiz!

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The placenta is an organ.

That's right. It's wrong.


It is a joint body, fœto-maternal: it takes two to make it, mom and baby! Seven days after the fertilizationthe egg clings to the uterine wall. It is composed of an embryonic bud and an envelope the trophoblast. Like a tree that takes root, the trophoblast sends ramifications into the walls of the uterus to reach the maternal blood vessels. The placenta is thus made up half from the uterine wall and the other half from the trophoblast. Operational from the beginning, it is fully formed in mid-pregnancy.