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What good manners at the table?

What good manners at the table?

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Taste everything, finish your plate, do not use the first ... what are the good eating habits considered important by the parents? The study "The French and Food 2002-2011", unveiled at the Second Assises of the Nestlé France Foundation, gives us some tips.

  • Nearly unanimous French people agree that children must be taught to eat healthily by choosing foods that are good for their health. They also agree that they should be taught politeness and good manners at the table. Among the good habits to give to his children solicited by the parents: to teach his children to taste everything and not to be difficult (94%) arrive in the top 3.

Other indispensable manners

  • Do not speak with your mouth full (97%).
  • Do not use the first (80%).
  • Do not get up from the table without permission (79%).
  • Do not use more than others (70%).
  • Do not show that you do not like something (59%).
  • Finally, more than one in two French people think that a child should not be used in the refrigerator and in the cupboards without authorization.

And you what do you think ? At table, what is the proper way to teach your child? Take our poll.

* Study conducted by Claude Fischler, research director at the CNRS.

Stéphanie Letellier

(News from 15/11/11)

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