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What laundry for her fragile baby skin?

What laundry for her fragile baby skin?

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Immature and very fine, the skin of your toddler is less well defended against aggression. She is particularly fragile. Some components in traditional detergents can irritate it. Hence the interest before washing his laundry to check the quality of your laundry.

Should I choose a specific laundry for his clothes?

  • Prefer a hypoallergenic laundry, subject to prior dermatological tests. The ideal formula is a liquid detergent that contains natural cleansing agents for fragile clothing.
  • You can also try organic laundry made with natural raw materials of biodegradable vegetable origins.
  • Not recommended: products with alkaline, optical brighteners, dyes, defoamers that will remain on the linen.
  • In addition the detergent must be easy to rinse. This will minimize the residues.
  • Avoid using a fabric softener.

Do I have to wash my baby's clothes separately?

  • At less than 60 ° C, bacteria are not necessarily eliminated. It is therefore wise to separate the family laundry.
  • Plan a special baby machine, with a classic program rather than a short program. His linen will be better rinsed, which will reduce the risk of irritation.
  • Also remember to wash his new clothes before he wears them. This will remove dyestuff residues and primers.
  • Good idea: iron your clothes to get rid of microbes and make them even sweeter!

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Tips +

Do not put too much! Laundry washing clothes certainly, but it is especially the mechanical action of the machine combined with the water and time that lasts the washing cycle that clean! So avoid overdose, bad for the skin, for the machine (which gets dirty) and for the environment!
Do not hesitate to program a double rinse if your baby still has small pimples or redness on the arms.
Learn about the hardness of waterThis will allow you to dose the amount of laundry accordingly: the softer it is, the less laundry you need.
Beware of microbes! To prevent the growth of bacteria in your washing machine, always leave the door open between washings.

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