"When he saw us in Roissy, John-Gaby recognized us"

"When he saw us in Roissy, John-Gaby recognized us"

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After a year of procedure and many hours of anguish following the earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, Cyrille and Eline welcomed Friday Friday night Roissy John-Gaby, the 21-month-old boy they adopted. Cyrille, the father, tells us about their reunion. (News from 26/01/10)

Your little boy is one of 33 children who arrived Friday night in Roissy from Haiti. How did the reunion take place?

  • We had already met John-Gabylast October in Haiti, so I think when he saw us, he recognized us. We even had his first drawing! The reunion was calm, he was tired and above all very hungry. Fortunately, we had planned a bottle and compotes. Then he fell asleep in the car until the next morning. Saturday, ditto, he was exhausted and slept a lot.

Where was your adoption record before the earthquake?

  • We had the first contact with the nursery, 1 year ago. Before the earthquake, the file was finished and our bags prepared. We were ready to pick him up.

Did you quickly hear from your son?

  • The next day, we knew a priori all the children of the manger where was John-Gaby were safe but without more details. Afterwards, we were in contact with the director of the crèche and the Enfant Jésus foundation, through which we went for the adoption of our son. It was our only link, including last Friday, the day of the arrival of the children. The international adoption service only confirmed to me at 16:30 that our son arrived well the same evening in Roissy.

What are you going to do next weeks?

  • We will savor the moments with our son. With my wife, we will take advantage of our holidays to stay with John-Gaby. Even before the earthquake struck, we had already made contact with a pediatrician specialized in adoption, in order to better surround our son.

Interviewed by Stéphanie Letellier