Ready to give birth? Take the test!

Ready to give birth? Take the test!

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Preparation for birth, choice of maternity, clothing and baby equipment for your baby ... you have everything planned for the day J. Are you really ready? 8 questions to be on top!

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It is difficult to identify the "real" contractions that announce the imminence of childbirth.

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You will immediately recognize the real contractions! More intense and stronger than all those of pregnancy, they enclose the whole belly and not just one side as it can be the case during these nine months. Another sign of recognition: they come back at regular intervals and last on average 30 to 40 seconds. When they are no more than ten minutes apart, go to the maternity ward! If it is your second child, cervical dilatation is faster, leave as soon as the contractions are regular and well paced, whatever their interval. Once at the maternity ward, a vaginal examination and monitoring will verify that the work has started well.