Preparing for birth: what you need to know

Preparing for birth: what you need to know

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Classical preparation, acupuncture, osteopathy, prenatal singing, Pilates, homeopathy ... There are many birth preparation techniques. This is an important step not to neglect. The goal ? To inform you about the pregnancy, to help you to relieve a lot of small evils and to prepare you for childbirth.

Video: preparation for birth and parenthood

Learning to stretch, to breathe, to choose the best position to give birth ... The preparation for birth and parenthood proposed by the motherhood of Diaconesses, in Paris, seems to make the happiness of all couples present. Diving in this very particular course.

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Preparation for birth: a step not to neglect

With the generalization of the epidural, many future mothers now think that birth preparation is no longer so useful. And yet ...

Why prepare for childbirth?

The birth preparation in the pool

The preparation for childbirth in the pool allows future mothers to prepare their body more easily at birth while feeling light.

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Prepare for birth thanks to sophrology

Becoming an actress in her full pregnancy and childbirth is the dream of all future mothers. Sophrology, combining breathing techniques and mental concentration, is a good way to achieve this.

Sophrology in details.

Prepare for delivery with hypnosis

Whether it is to fight against insomnia or the pain of contractions, hypnosis can relieve mothers during pregnancy and childbirth. Robert Debré hospital in Paris, which offers consultations, has opened its doors.

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The Pilates method: help with childbirth

Moment unique and rich in emotions, childbirth requires preparation. Prenatal Pilates classes can be a great physical and moral support for D-Day. Prenatal Pilates is specially designed for pregnant women: it is a variation of the Pilates method, invented in the USA in the years 1920.

Pilates in detail.

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