Indra Meaning - Origin and Names

Indra Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:

Germanic, Indians

Meaning of the name:

In Denmark, Indra means "the one that represents balance".
In India, this name evokes the god king of the heavens Rig-Veda. Derived from Sanskrit indu "gout" and ra "to hold", the first name means "the one who holds the drops of rain". This name also means power in Hindu.


The Swedish singer and actress of Estonian origin Indra Kuldasaar called simply "Indra" on the French scene.

Indra Nooyi, American businesswoman and president of the PepsiCo group since 2006.

Dutch fencing champion Indra Angad-Gaur.

His character :

Whether one considers the Nordic or Vedic origin of the given name, Indra has a strong personality and assurance. Complex, passionate and sometimes impulsive, she is often carried away by anger. Paradoxically, she still manages to keep that balanced side of her character. Thus, when Indra has set a goal, it is useless to try to divert it. This strong and determined woman also knows how to arm herself with patience to get everything she wants without skimping on the efforts to provide. Thanks to this form of perseverance bordering on stubbornness, Indra is very successful in the world of entrepreneurship like Indra Nooyi.

Sometimes Indra may look like a prejudiced person with an explosive character. Indeed, when she lets herself go, Indra tends to have an arrested judgment on individuals and things. This character, however, allows him to be difficult to influence, to have a self-confidence foolproof and to enjoy a remarkable intuition. Despite its few flaws, Indra embodies fidelity, integrity and devotion. In the end, Indra is an extraordinary person, he only needs to control the hasty judgments and his emotions.


Indrajit, Indrani, Jayendra, Jitendra, Mahendra, Nagendra, Narendra, Rajendra, Ravindra and Surendra.

His party :

No party is associated with this name.

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