First name - Meaning and origin

First name - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In Arab culture, Imen is the one who has faith.


Tunisian footballer Imen Troudi, Algerian actress Imen Noël, Tunisian singer Imen Chérif, TV show host Imen Jlassi, journalist Imen Ghouali ...

His character :

Dreaming of autonomy and freedom, Imen is a somewhat rebellious woman. Marginal to the soul, she will claim her independence from an early age. An unnaturalist by nature, she does not like being subjected to any form of authority. Stubborn, she is hard to reason. His fiery temper often leads him into violent arguments. Better not to annoy her at the risk of seeing her go into a rage.
In the world of work, Imen is ambitious. Far from it the idea to be satisfied with the second role. He needs a key position that will allow him to demonstrate his real abilities. Imen stands out for his sense of organization and discipline. A first class worker, she spares no effort to effectively fulfill her duties. However, Imen is a shadow woman. She does not like to blabble too much. His success will speak for him.
Emotionally speaking, Imen tends to idealize the loved one at the risk of suffering enormous disappointments. She will have a hard time fully engaging in a relationship, always finding a little flaw in her companion. However, when she gets her hands on it, she will be ready to do anything to keep it.


Imene, Ymene, Yemen, Hymen, Himene, Imenne, Himen ...

His party :

There is no special date for people named "Imen".

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