Name Ilia - Meaning and origin

Name Ilia - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This mixed first name very attractive when worn by a woman comes from the Latin "iliacus" which means "flanks".


Ilia Calderon is a Colombian journalist born in Istima, Colombia on May 15, 1972. She is married to Eugene Jang.
Ilia Darlin, whose real name is Ilia Patapi, is a Greek singer, author, composer and performer. The public knows her mainly for her role in the movie "Art Therapy".
Ilia is under the protection of Saint Sylvie who lived in the 6th century. This Christian saint belonged to the Roman nobility.

His character :

Ilia always behaves very well in society. She is recognizable by her impassive and phlegmatic temperament. She is easygoing because of her enormous respect for social traditions. Unfortunately, his conformist nature leads him instinctively to reject all forms of change. This instinctive mistrust of innovation stems, among other things, from the dangers it regularly uncovers from the outside world. Indeed, his highly developed analytical mind often allows him to notice a harmful change in his environment. People regard her as a pessimistic person. As a family, the native is unanimously appreciated for her sense of family duty. In love, she creates absolute loyalty to her partner. Ilia appears as an ideal housewife. She loves to spend most of her time in her home cleaning up. His passion for culinary arts leads him to regularly prepare new recipes for his family. In addition, Ilia is open to communication despite its reserved appearance, even closed. In the company of her long-time friends, the native is very talkative and sometimes even euphoric. In addition, she is always in a good mood unless there is a problem.


Ilya, Lylia, Iliona, Ilona, ‚Äč‚ÄčIlione and Elia.

His party :

The Ilia are honored on November 5th.

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