Baby names: Vivian, Agathe, Odysseus, Cyrus, Capucine

Baby names: Vivian, Agathe, Odysseus, Cyrus, Capucine

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Gisele Bündchen, Nikos Aliagas, Shakira, Claire Danes, Laurent Ournac ... what name did they choose for their baby? And if you were inspired by yours? Vivian, Agathe, Ulysses, Cyrus, Capucine: discover the origin, the meaning, the date of celebration of these 5 first names!

Vivian at Gisele Bündchen

  • On December 5th, the Brazilian supermodel gave birth to a little Vivian. Female name in the Anglo-Saxon countries, Vivian is mixed in France. It is a derivative of Vivien or Viviane, Latin "vivianus", full of life.
  • According to a Celtic legend, it is Viviane, also called the Lady of the Lake, who gathers Lancelot, the knight of the Round Table. She was very beautiful ... a premonition?
  • His party : December 2nd.

Agathe at Nikos Aliagas

  • On November 29th, the famous animator became dad of a little Agathe. This name comes from the Greek "agathê", meaning good. Known since the Roman Empire, this name also gave male names like Agathius or Agathange, "good angel", used in the Middle Ages.
  • St. Agatha, of Sicilian origin, refused the marriage that was to be imposed on her with a Roman dignitary. She died in 251.
  • Formerly, at St. Agatha, women left men with household chores. Go Nikos!
  • His party : February 5th.
  • Its derivatives: Agaha, Agata, Agueda.

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